Hedge & Tree Trimming


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Trimming and pruning are vital to maintaining the health of your hedges and trees.

District Landscapes offers year-round hedge trimming and tree pruning services.

Because it's important to hire professionals who know to "measure twice, cut once," at District Landscapes, we take steps to go the extra mile when caring for your hedges and trees:

  • Pruning back all branches to the trunk of the tree

  • Shearing hedges no further than the start of green growth

  • Shearing hedges from top to bottom

  • Pruning all rose bushes by hand rather than machine-shearing

  • Scheduling tree pruning jobs for days when homeowners will be free and available to advise our crew while we cut

These are just a few of the steps we take to care for your shrubs & trees.

We recommend trimming hedges twice annually: just ahead of the start of spring, and at the start of the summer.

For tree pruning, we recommend removing limbs just at the start of Spring.

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